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Meet The Band


DOUG DEMING   Eastside Detroit native Doug Deming, now hailing from Florida’s Gulf Coast, has garnered widespread attention for his deft guitar work and memorable songwriting. With a nod to the likes of T-Bone Walker and Charlie Christian, as well as Luther Tucker and Robert Jr. Lockwood, Doug leaves his own mark whether swingin’ on the big jazz box, or playing straight up blues on the solid body Fender guitar. While playing the local Detroit scene in the early 90′s, major players began to take notice, and Doug spent much of the following years backing many of the day’s top touring blues artists, including Fabulous Thunderbirds frontman Kim Wilson, legendary Louisiana swamp bluesman Lazy Lester, Gary Primich, Chicago greats Johnny “Yard Dog” Jones, and A.C. Reed, as well as Detroit’s own Queen of the Blues, Alberta Adams.

With a decade of touring and recording to his credit, Doug has earned his position alongside today’s heavies on the blues scene. Leading his band, The Jewel Tones, Doug continues to bring noteworthy traditional and original roots music to his  audiences. Doug’s latest recording, What’s it Gonna Take, exhibits the outstanding guitar work and remarkable singing and songwriting that have become Doug’s calling card. Paired with acclaimed harp man and touring partner Dennis Gruenling, and backed by the new Jewel Tones line-up of Andrew Gohman on upright and Fender bass, and Devin Neel on drums, What’s it Gonna Take is available now on the VizzTone label.




DENNIS GRUENLING  On the road, Doug teams up with long time road partner, award winning harp man and VizzTone label mate, Dennis Gruenling.

From Dennis’ site:  ”Dennis has pulled in countless fans and numerous accolades from critics & musicians around the world for his swinging, highly original harmonica sound and style. Taking equal parts from the harmonica and swing/saxophone traditions and styles, Dennis has pushed the boundaries further for the sound of blues, while in the meantime pioneering a whole new sound and direction for the harmonica.”

Dennis credits Little Walter and George “Harmonica” Smith as his major influences, and calls his style “a mix of Chicago blues harmonica meets swing and R&B sax style of guys like Red Prysock, Paul Williams, and Lester Young”.  Catch Dennis Gruenling on the road with Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones, touring in support of their new recordings, Rockin’ All Day and What’s it Gonna Take.






MADISON SLIM   bought himself a harp after hearing his first Little Walter record while in the US Air Force. Thus began a storied career that took him from his hometown roots in Madison, WI to become a serious road warrior – playing, recording and touring over the years with Bryan Lee, Little Jimmy Valentine,  Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Sam Lay, The Legendary Blues Band, Rev. Raven and the late great Jimmy Rogers, to name a few. Madison Slim plays pure blues, of the South Side Chicago variety, a world renowned harmonica player and singer who has been shaking the shack since the early days at the Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE with the Heart Murmurs. Slim has appeared on the Conan O’Brien Show with Jimmy Rogers, and you can catch him live and up close with Doug Deming & The Jewel Tones at most of their Florida shows.






1376367_660733353944398_1087536788_nANDREW GOHMAN   Born in Ohio and raised in Florida, Andrew Gohman started playing traditional blues guitar at the age of 15 and picked up the bass much later at age 25. Andrew played the Tampa/St. Pete blues scene regularly with his group the Bottom Feeders until joining the Jewel Tones full time in 2011. A bona fide audiophile, with interests ranging from traditional blues to jump to jazz, Andrew credits many influences, including Ransom Knowling, Ernest “Big” Crawford, Keith Ferguson, Jack Myers and Bill Willis, to name just a few. Andrew brings the grease to every performance, whether laying down the groove on his Fender, or pullin’ and slappin’ on his ’42 Kay upright.








DEVIN NEEL  Another midwestern transplant, Devin Neel spent his youth in Indiana, playing piano since age 8, then turning to percussion in college at age 19. Devin has since played drums locally in several groups, and in various genres, and has toured previously with The Damon Fowler Group. Devin credits countless influences spanning many styles and rounds out The Jewel Tones rhythm section, providing the downbeat with his tasty swing and traditional blues beats.